Black Dog Art Glass
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# 602 Purple streakey glass
# 825
Black Dog Art Glass Products
Light blue colored bevels with a clear textured glass on it's edges. 12" diameter
# 647, 602, 603: Clear beveled glass with your choice of colored glass inserts. 8"x12" Can be hung horizontally or vertically. 
Clear beveled glass with your choice of  colored glass inserts 12" x 10 1/2"
Beveled glass with a glue chip texture. Green fracture glass shown above. 12" dia.
# 319gc
# BVR3415
Clear bevels in an octagon. your choice of colored glass inserts, or leave them open. Lots of sparkles! about 6" diam. 
# 603 Orange fracture
# 647 fractued glass 
# BVR12
Blue colored  bevels in a cube. Lots of sparkles! about 6" diam. This shape can also be ordered in peach, clear, green, or turquoise
# BVR12 in BVR13
clear beveled cube inside another cube. This belongs in the sun! 6" diam.
Four Cardinals sitting on a log
approximately 14"long and 8" high
7 Birds  Your favorite backyard birds all in a row. approximately15" x 6"
Carolina Wren sun catcher
Chickadee sun catcher
Eastern Blue bird sun catcher
A pair of Nuthatche 
A Nuthatch with berries sun catcher
Please contact me for ordering information of these items.
Northern Cardinal sun catcher
with flower sun catcher
The birds are life-size, and made of glass. There will be slight differences in the "perch" configuration